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Project jbosstools-3.3_trunk.component--esb

Nightly build using Tycho, monitoring SVN every 6 hrs for changes.

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job runs in this order: build, publish, test

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Build Parameters

String ParameterMAVEN_FLAGS = "-B -fae -e -P hudson,jbosstools-nightly-staging-composite,jbosstools-nightly-staging-composite-soa-tooling,,local.composite" Pass in lifecycle phase and extra flags to Maven, such as:
clean :: clean before building *
integration-test :: build and test *
install :: build, test, and install into m2 repo *
osgi-test:test :: just (re-)run test(s)

-P hudson :: enable hudson build ID in feature/plugin qualifiers

-Dmaven.test.skip :: skip compiling and running tests
-Dmaven.repo.local=${WORKSPACE}/m2-repository :: path to local m2 repo

-fae :: fail at end

-o :: offline
-B :: batch (non-interactive) mode
-U :: check for updates 
-e :: if error occurs, dump stack into console

-q :: quieter output
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